Sunday, April 29, 2007

5 year anniversary

Luckily wifey pointed out to me the significance of this particular anniversary or I might have tried to get away with flowers and dinner. I never really thought that a five year anniversary would be any different than a 3 or 4 year but I have once again been proven wrong. I am just glad that we live in the days of internet shopping and 2 day delivery with fedex. I ordered her a pair of 1/4 ct. diamond earrings and they cost a fair amount. When I got them I couldn't believe how small 1/4 ct. is. I was wondering if I got a size too small fortunately wifey doesn't suffer from having a gigantic melon like I do and therefore the earring look just fine. We went out to dinner at a nice local restaurant and came home and watched a movie. My wife spent some time on the present she got me. She put together a bunch of memories from friends of mine which is one of the best presents I have ever gotten because I will actually remember the present.

Turning 30

A lot of people seem to have trouble turning 30 but I just did and I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I guess I might have more of a problem with it if I was going bald or something like that. I am getting a couple gray hairs but that doesn't even seem to bother me. I was going to have a big ol' party for my b-day but recently went to a friends party and it was awesome and I figured I couldn't top it so why bother trying. I was trying to make my 30th seem like something special but it just seemed like another day. I worked for most of the day and then played basketball that evening and that was pretty much it. I think I actually enjoy being older(don't get me wrong I had fun being younger) but there is a certain amount of respect that comes with age that I didn't get in my early to mid 20's. I got a card from my sister in law that said "happy 30th b-day. When life really begins". I think I'll stick with that idea.

Big blue eyes

Baby E now wakes up somewhere between 6-7 am and guess who gets to get up with her...Me. Wifey gets to stay in bed for another couple hours until it's time for me to go to work. She told me not long ago that she wanted to start waking up with the baby and me so we could have family time together and I recently called her on this and her response "I'm a woman. I can change my mind" which brings to mind the comment by Captain Jack Sparrow when he is accused of cheating and responds "Pirate". I suppose my wife can just do whatever she wants and when called on it, she need only respond "woman" and what can I say...I guess it's true. I am finding that it isn't too bad to get up with her. If I am really tired I just put her in her high chair and throw food at her while I am trying to get a little more sleep on the couch(which doesn't really happen). After she is done eating I take her of the the chair, make sure there are not valueble items lying around, and let her run(crawl) wild. She likes to hang around within sight of me usually which is fun and cute but can get old. The other day I went in her room with her, closed the door, threw toys all over the room hopeing she would stay occupied and tried to get some sleep on her floor. I think she grabbed my hair no less than 50 times and crawled over me no less than 20. I actually managed to sleep through some of this though. She is growing really fast and I can't believe that it won't be long before she is walking. She moves around pretty well on her own now and I am frieghtened what it will be like when she can walk.


With a baby this cute why wouldn't we want to have about 4 more?


When I lived in Eureka CA, back in 1999 I had a chance to go to San Fran. I had never been and didn't really look into what there was to do there but I knew that I wanted to go to Alcatraz. We didn't have a lot of time so we went down to the wharf and were screwing around and made our way over toward Pier 39 where they leave for Alcatraz. When we got there I found out that I had just barely missed the last tour of the day. I thought to myself, "no biggie, I'll just come the next time I go to San Fran" but not really knowing when or if that would ever happen. At the beginning of this year a training opportunity through work presented itself and I was able to go San Fran again. I had a big scare the day before leaving as I went on the Alcatraz website and saw that they recommend buying tickets before arriving as they often sell out. I was nervous that they would sell out but fortunately I was able to make it(as evidenced by the picture). I was hoping to recognize more places from the move "The Rock" but I am sure a lot of the Alcatraz scenes were shot elsewhere. It was still pretty cool to see it and I had a great time. Now I have to go back again sometime and take my family. It'll probably be another 8-10 years(man I am getting old).