Monday, October 27, 2008

First Fish

Miss E caught her first fish ever on Saturday when my dad came into town and we decided to hit the lake. If you will note in the bottom right of the top picture, I brought a barney cushion seat for Miss E. She sat in this for a few minutes when we got started and then she told me she was scared and I held her in my lap for several minutes while she worked out her fears. She has been in the boat a couple times but it is nerve racking for her every time because there has been a large gap in between each trip. I finally was able to put her back in her Barney seat and she sat there expressionless while Dad and I set up for fishing. My dad immediately caught three fish and I was gettning frustrated because I was at zero and last time I went fishing my friend caught around 15 and I caught four. Fortunately after a few minutes I started catching them and it was on. I never caught up with him but in my defense I was captaining the boat and dealing with Miss E but my dad doesn't take that as an excuse and I suppose I wouldn't if I was him:)

Miss E has never seen me catch a fish before so I was not sure how she would react. At first she seemed intrigued but did not want to touch the fish. After a few fish she asked to touch it and responded, "It's cold". I can't quite adequately explain how cute it is when she talks though because it sounds more like "Iss cold". Anyway, she touched them for a while and got comfortable and moved to the side of the boat and watched me for a while then she wanted to help and started grabbing my pole. I had to explain that we had to wait for the fish to bite which of course meant nothing to her. We finally got a bite and she helped me bring it in for her first fish. I was so happy for her and had my dad take this picture. She then spent the remainder of the time getting in my way, dipping her hands in the water, grabbing my line, splashing me with water, and laughing as I brought in a fish that splashed water all over her.

When it was over my dad had caught 21 and I had 17. Not too shabby. It was one of the best days I have ever had fishing. Not because the fish were big but we were catching them nonstop and it was fun to spend time with my dad and Miss E on a beautiful Oct day. This one will be in my memory forever.

I forgot to add that Miss E is getting very bossy and on the way back my dad got out of his seat and leaned back to talk to us and she turned to him and said, "sit back down" I had to explain that he did not have to sit down if he did not want to but it was pretty funny.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Getting Miss E to smile

She didn't really want to smile so I told her to show her teeth and...there it is.
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Pumpkin Patch

She did like the pumpkin patch. She likes little pumpkins much better and has some trouble with the bigger ones.

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Farm Animals

So we decided to take Miss E and Bonesteele to the pumpkin patch/animal petting. It did not go well. We thought Miss E would be excited to see some of the animals from her books but when the calf started mooooing, she freaked out, "Wanna go home. Wanna go home now". She can be seen smiling in the first picture which I can't really explain but what you see in the second picture is more representative of how she felt about the animals. In the third pic you can see Bonesteele not really caring about anything.

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