Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny things she says

I miss a lot of the funny things she says but I am going to try to remember a few and note a few she said while I was gone. Not all of these may seem funny to someone who reads this but they are funny to me because I can picture everything surrounding the comment.

1) She states ,"Daddy has a red motorcycle." Then asked mommy if motorcycles are for boys. Mommy replies that some girls have motorcycles like her auntie. Miss E then responds, "I want a pink motorcycle"

2) Miss E is sick and so we gave her some 7up. She takes a sip and we ask if she likes it. She makes a horrible face but then says , "yeah". It starts to bubble out of the top of her sippy cup and she takes a drink and says, "it's kind of popping." A minute later she says, "I don't know if it's good" and puts her finger up by her nose and goes, "hmmmm" with a thoughtful look on her face.

3) She has been trying to categorize things lately. At Christmas she got a small apron that she she said was a kite. We told her it was not a kite but she said, "It's like a kite".

Our napkin holder has a wierd design on it and she says, "it's like a daddy spider"

We were playing with some toys and there was a design that was close to a triangle but not quite and she said, "it's a triangle". I told her it wasn't and she responds, "it's like a triangle".

Sunday, January 04, 2009


This morning after I got home from a church meeting wifey asks me to show an advertisement from a security company to miss E to see what she says. I showed it to miss E the picture and she said Octagon. Sure enough, the security sign was an octagon. Wifey says she learned it on Sesame Street. I didn't have the heart to tell her that when she is gone, miss E and I watch Ultimate Fighting Championship fights that take place in the Octagon. ha ha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The winner

I decided that I needed to get a lighter gun because I had a baby Glock that just wasn't cutting it for a concealed weapon. I sold it and went to the store and purchased the revolver showing in this picture. As I was leaving the store, I saw a drawing for a gun and decided to fill it out not expecting to win because I never do. I left town for a couple days and when I came back there were a couple messages from the store owner. I wondered what they wanted. I called and they told me that they almost gave away my gun which really confused me because I had it with me. "No" they said, "You won the drawing". It's a $500 gun. Pretty cool.

Play time

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Christmas vacation week

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Proud moment

My Grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago and I got to be one of the pall bearers. It was sad to see him go but I am proud to have had a truly great man as my Grandpa.

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Having fun in the snow

We got a couple inches of snow last night and decided to play in the snow. Miss E was very excited and was impatient while I was looking for my well hidden snow gear. I finally found it and we were off. I built a snowman which she promptly knocked over and destroyed. :) We were really lucky that someone gave us this hand me down snowsuit that we just happened to dig through our closet and find. I didn't think we had snowgear for her.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Goofing around

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So while driving up there, I saw some hunters and they mentioned there was snow up top but I figured there wouldn't be much as it was still pretty early in the season. It was only a few inches deep but did actually get a little hairy in a few spots. I wasn't too worried though becuase I was following someone else's tracks. Unfortunately the tracks ended in a narrow dangerout area but I checked the snow and decided it wasn't took deep and decided to keep going. I am glad wifey was not with me becuase she would have sensed how nervous I was about getting stuck and stranded. Miss E had no idea and was just enjoying the ride. I came across this tree in the road and had to curse myself for not bringing the axe that my dad just barely gave me. I was able to push it partially to the side and drove over the rest. Big boulders were all over the road but fortunately none of them blocked the road so that I could not pass but it still made me nervous. This is the same road I got stuck on a few years ago with my brother so it brought back bad memories. We ended up getting through with few problems but I figure that is it for this year.
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The Views

The first pic is of the Three sisters and the second picture is Mt. Jefferson. The peak in the third pic is barely visible unless you know what you are looking for but it is Three Fingered Jack.

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More falls and the snow

As we continued the drive, we came upon more waterfalls and then finally hit some snow. She loved the snow and probably could have spend all day playing in it.
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The falls and back

On the way back, Miss E decided to take leaves and clean and dust the trees.

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Arrival at the falls

She loved sitting down on logs and even found one that she pretended was a motorcycle and then decided it was a train and that I needed to sit down with her so we could go "choo choo". Upon arrival at the waterfall she had her classic OOOOh reaction which is always so fun to watch. She didn't want to get too close though but that was probably because it was a bit steep wiht a drop off near trail.

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Trip to the falls

So I told wifey that once gas prices got down to $2.50, I was going on a drive in the mountains. That time came faster than I thought and I was able to return and take a drive in the mountains which used to be one of my favorite things to do but it has been a long time because I couldn't afford the gas. Miss E has only taken one drive in the mountains on the back roads and has never been for a hike before. She did better than I expected and wouldn't let me carry her except when she got scared because it was too steep. I decided to take her on a short hike to some waterfalls. The hike was just over a mile and she did most of that herself0-even the uphill part which was fun to watch. What really made me laugh is that when there was an obstacle in the path, she did not go around. She went over it. She climbed over rocks and fallen trees that she did not have to climb over.

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