Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Say hello to Winston-my new pet Garden Gnome. I have a neighbor who put out some pink flamingos this summer and at first I thought it was a joke but she left them out for weeks. I decided that I am going to combat her evil pink flamingos with something more evil-an army of creepy yard and garden gnomes. I will keep you posted on the battle as it unfolds.


I haven't been on too many roller coasters but this one made me want to go on more. It was so much fun. I am not sure why they called it the "Hulk" cuz it didn't have much to do with him that I saw other than that they painted it green.

Islands of Adventure

I was lucky enough to get some training for work in Orlando, FL and this is a picture of my wife and Patti at Islands of Adventure. I had a great time there and I got quite a few hookups while I was there so the whole thing didn't cost much of anything. In the picture with Michele is Patti who I met at the training and she went with us to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.


Check out the form. Before you know it she will be on the pro surfing tour-you just wait and watch.


My wife made an excellent Thanksgiving feast which I am finally posting after Christmas but better late than never. Too bad for her that she didn't get to eat any cuz I ate so fast and there was none left which explains my belly.

Mount Hood

This is my first trip skiing in a couple years as last year really sucked for snowfall. My skiing ability brought to mind a saying I read this weekend on It says "If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly". It's a really funny website so if you want to laugh, check it out.