Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bozo Burger

As scary as the sign is, the Bozo Burger is actually not that bad of a burger. I just love taking these pics of small town America. This is pretty much it for this town along I-84 in Oregon.

Not long now

7.5 months

Who's your daddy?

I don't always like my job but I must admit that I do get to do some really cool stuff.

This is from a few years ago but I just thought I would throw it in for fun. I just got this pic from my father-in-law when my in-laws came to visit for the first time since Michele and I were married four years ago. I think I need to start exercising more often cuz I think I am chubbier now than I was in this picture.

My new job

I have gotten bored with my current job so I decided to moonlight as a wrestler. I think I have a bright future.

3d baby pic

I love technology. This is a 3d image of our baby girl. It cost a bit of money and was not covered by insurance but it is really cool to get to see what she looks like before she is actually born. Apparantly she has really chubby cheeks which shouldn't be much of a surprise considering how my cheeks look. She has big ol' lips and those come from Michele.