Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mt. Jefferson from Russell Lake

My bud Clarke and I hiked to Jefferson Park at the base of Mt. Jefferson. We hiked in from the Jefferson park trailhead about 5.5 miles to where we are at now. We met a couple along the way that had started hiking along the PCT trail from Mexico but becuase there was too much snow through California, they decided to fly to Canada and start from there and hike south. They said they were hiking around 20 miles a day and told me they met another guy who said he was hiking 40 a day. I think 5.5 was about all I could do even though Clarke wanted to go all the way to the top of Mt. Jefferson:)

Fall in the Cascades

I went up in the mountains to try to get some good pictures of the changing colors in the fall but unfortunately, I went up a couple weeks late and missed the best color or the season. It was still a pretty nice drive with some great views of the area.