Friday, November 07, 2008


So while driving up there, I saw some hunters and they mentioned there was snow up top but I figured there wouldn't be much as it was still pretty early in the season. It was only a few inches deep but did actually get a little hairy in a few spots. I wasn't too worried though becuase I was following someone else's tracks. Unfortunately the tracks ended in a narrow dangerout area but I checked the snow and decided it wasn't took deep and decided to keep going. I am glad wifey was not with me becuase she would have sensed how nervous I was about getting stuck and stranded. Miss E had no idea and was just enjoying the ride. I came across this tree in the road and had to curse myself for not bringing the axe that my dad just barely gave me. I was able to push it partially to the side and drove over the rest. Big boulders were all over the road but fortunately none of them blocked the road so that I could not pass but it still made me nervous. This is the same road I got stuck on a few years ago with my brother so it brought back bad memories. We ended up getting through with few problems but I figure that is it for this year.
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