Sunday, August 17, 2008


The other week I went rafting with a group a youth from church. We went on the Deschutes and had a blast. I decided to go fishing also after reading that it was supposed to be an awesome river for fishing and that there are more fish in this river than any other in Oregon. Well, maybe on paper but it didn't translate into catching fish. I caught two and it was more than anyone else I talked to. One was a 14 inch redside trout which was one of the most beautiful fish I have ever caught because it was native and was two or three times as fat as a stocked lake trout. The other fish I caught was a suckerfish.

I did get one of my wishes though and that was to get thrown from the boat when going over some of the big rapids.

I swallowed a lot of water and I had some stomach discomfort last week that may have been lingering effects from drinking 10 gallons of riverwater. I guess I didn't respect the river enough:)


I never watch swimming but boy do I love it during the Olympics. Lochte, Lezac, Phelps, and Torres were amongst my favorites.

Who can of course not love what Phelps did. I didn't think the first relay could be topped with the excitement of having Lezac make the amazing come from behind and win by .08 seconds(a fingertip) until Phelps won the 100 butterfly(I think) by .01 seconds(a fingernail). I was resigned to him getting a silver going into the last moments of the race and bammmmm-he miraculously gets the gold.

Lochte won my heart because I love cheering for the underdog though he isn't much of an underdog, he had never won an individual gold medal but was still breaking world records but couldn't beat Phelps and Piersol who were also breaking world records. He finally won his gold and I was so happy for him. I also can't help but be amazed that he somehow ate all you can eat McDonalds during the Olympics and still raced as well as he did. I guess it wasn't too many years ago that I could eat whatever I wanted and it didn't seem to faze me too much but this is the Olympics where apparantly .01 seconds decides your place in history. How many cheeseburgers does it take to lose .01 seconds?

Lezac goes without saying but I'll say it again anyway-talk about one of the coolest come from behind wins and against the trash talking French. I love it. I also love that Ian what's his name from Australia ate his words against Phelps. I think he is just jealous.

Torres-41 and she's the second fastest swimming sprinter in the world? WOW. She also seemed to be really nice which weighs heavily for me when I decide whether or not I like an athlete.

I am glad that the IOC strips medals from people for poor sportsmanship and representing themselves and their countries, athletes, and the sports poorly. How embarrassing that the wrestler threw down his Bronze medal because he was upset about a call in the semifinals. You know, I have always been taught in sports that if you really want to make a statement to prove how good you are, be so good that a bad call won't make a difference. You could have made a dozen bad calls against the original Dream Team and it wouldn't have mattered.

While I have fun watching the Olympics, it is also hard for me to watch. I actually don't watch too many sports(particularly football) because it makes me want to play. To be anywhere near the level I would need to be at to be in the Olympics or play football at the level I wanted, I would have had to give up everything else. I lost my opportunity for greatness when I gave up football in Cali and decided to move on with my life. I don't regret it in the least but I do think about those kinds of things all the time. Now I have two kids and I'm not in very good shape anymore(though I can still kick your butt-ha). My point in all this seemingly nonsensical blubbering is that I hope that I can work as hard at helping my children and my family grow as the Olympians work at perfecting their sport. I hope that one day I can smile and know that I have done everything that I could do and it all worked out. That I will be able to bow before God and that he will give me what I desire more than anything else...and that as a family we will enjoy that time forever.

Bonesteele is sick

Bonesteele and wifey are in the hospital.

He has not been sleeping well for the last couple weeks and wifey, after reviewing the literature, decided that it was time to have him cry it out. He did not sleep well and sounded like he was hoarse but we let him cry it out anyway. In the morning, he sounded like he had asthma but we thought that it would go away. He was in a good mood and smiled at us and didn't seem in pain so we figured it wasn't a huge deal. Later, it started to get worse and we became concerned enough to call the Kaiser advice nurse who suggested we take him to the ER immediately.

Wifey took him as Miss E was sleeping peacefully. Wifey called a short time later to let me know that he was being admitted and had what is known as "Crout" or something like that.

I skipped church and thankfully I was able to have some friends take Miss E off our hands and take her to church with them as my truck does not have seating suitable for Miss E and the hospital really is no place for a 2 year old.

Upon arrival, Bonesteele was still not doing very well and made wimpering noises and seemed miserable. They continued to treat him and he appears to be improving but they decided to keep him another night so I am calling in sick tommorow and I will take care of Miss E.