Sunday, January 07, 2007


This is a pic of me wearing my Christmas presents. Watch out Mexican lucha libre-her I come.

It has begun

In the mornings, I wake up and get baby E cuz she wakes up about the same time as I do. When I am using the bathroom, I put her on the floor to entertain herself and when I came out, this is what I saw. I don't know if you can tell from the pic but the garbage can has fallen over and is leaning against her head. I didn't put her very near the can and she can't crawl but she is pretty good at rolling around to where she wants to go.


This picture was taken from the deep sea fishing boat on the way back to dock when the guides were cleaning the fish.

Deep Sea Fishing

Wifey's dad and I went deep sea fishing on the last day of our vacation. It was a great day. In this pic you will see the only fish between the two of us that was a keeper. I caught 5 red snappers but they are not in season and I had to throw them back. We went about 11 miles out to sea and the porpoises followed our boat around as we stopped at each location to fish. On one occasion when I was reeling in a fish, I felt my line jerk really hard and then something started stripping the line out. It then gave me some slack and started stipping line out again. I was excited and freaking out cuz I had no idea what I had on the line. One of the guides told me I might have a dolphin on the line. My line went slack and then there was nothing. A couple seconds later the porpoise surfaced and smiled at me as it ate the fish it had stolen off the end of my line.

Shell Island

It was a great day for beach combing on Shell Island. We only found a few good shells because right before our boat came into the dock, baby E dropped a bomb in her diaper and we were late getting off the boat. She was so tired that she fell asleep with her head against my chest which is actually very rare and only occurrs during extreme exhaustion. It was a beautiful day and I wish that it would have lasted longer and that we could still be there becuase the weather here is rainy as usual.

Christmas with the in-laws

We went to Florida this year for Christmas. It was interesting being in that kind of environment for Christmas but overall it was one of the better vacations I have had. In this pic, wifey's family is just chilling in a pontoon boat that we rented and took around for the afternoon.

Santa's little helper

She doesn't actually get very much work done for Santa. It's more like making a mess for Santa.

First Christmas Tree

In a picture just before this, baby E was eyeing the candy cane. I guess she will take after me.

My crazy looking kid

Gotta love the shades

What a cutey

Dress provided by Grandma

Bargain Shopper

Baby E has started bargain shopping at a young age. Wifey will likely be sure to tell her that you don't want to shop for too many things at Shopko though.

I'm Hungry

Baby E taking a bite out of one of her first Christmas presents