Thursday, May 29, 2008


I hardly ever post pics of myself because I am a little bothered by the double chin I have recently perfected but I couldn't pass putting up this horrible pic.

Yesterday I had a septoplasmy(nose surgery to shave away at my nasal passage and hopefully making me snore less).

The blue pad I am wearing is filled with gauze and is called a mustache pad. I think it is aptly named because I think it looks ridiculous and that is how I feel about mustaches:)

It has been more than one year now since I moved into the extra bedroom of our house because I snore so loudly that Wifey can't sleep. I went in to be tested for sleep apnea and found that I don't have it or any other sleep disorder. I have had a crooked nose for as long as I can remember and figured maybe that might be making me snore so I went to see the ear, nose, throat doc and he suggested I get a septoplasmy.

I was a little nervous about it cuz he said he was going to cut the inside of my nose and chip out some bone and cartlidge. I came out of surgery feeling pretty good so I thought I would be fine. Unfortunately as soon as I started taking the Vicadin they gave me, all hell broke loose. It makes you naseated and constipated so I didn't want to take 2 so I tried one which left me feeling in pain-pretty bad pain. Now I am taking two.

I scheduled Bonesteele's baby blessing for this Sunday thinking that I would be feeling better and invited family to come over. What was I thinking. I have had a couple surgeries in the past and I didn't even take pain meds afterward so I thought I was pretty tough. Wrong.

I just hope this surgery works and that I don't snore as much. I also need to get started on a better excersize program but I don't know how people with kids, jobs, and grad school get anything done.
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What fun...

Bonesteele looking tough in his pink bouncy seat. Miss E apparantly loves eating rocks and has also found a new hobby-lego star wars.

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So much going on and I haven't been making time to take pics and blog about much of it. I have kind of slowed down recently because Bonesteele has a bad case of baby acne so I haven't been taking many pics of him. Miss E is as cute as ever. She loves playing in water-even though the water is freezing it doesn't seem to bother her. Wifey is looking hot as ever and got some nice complements yesterday from a woman who said she was jealous about how thin Wifey looked.

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