Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More pics

For those who don't get tired of me showing off my baby...

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Miss E's famous foot

Okay, I guess it's not really famous:) I should have added this to the earlier foot blog but I forgot and didn't feel like adding it to that blog. This is her foot now-the tough little toddler foot


In the bottom pic, Miss E asked if she could hold Bonesteele. Miss E is really handling having a little brother much better than I thought.

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Hobbit Feet Part 2

Match the foot to the baby
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Miss E seems to be adjusting very well to having a younger brother. She has not done anything really mean yet and seems to understand that he isn't just visiting(but who knows). It's nice having a toddler to add to the baby pics cuz as my brother put it not long ago "You can only take so many pics of a baby cuz they just sit there". Miss E helps mix it up cuz I never know what she'll do.
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 2

These pics include the first bath and teaching Miss E to be nice to Bonesteele.

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Tiny feet

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Bonesteele was gracious enough to be born the day before as I wanted to keep today for myself. I can't really think of a better present though then to have a healthy little(sort of) boy.

For those that are interested, I am going to recount the days events(or some of the highlights). Reader beware.

On the 17th, wifey took Miss E for a walk in an effort to get the contractions started. They started but were 5 minutes apart and not too strong. Wifey's friend K came over and we both told wifey that she needed to wait until morning as we needed a good nights rest. Did she listen...No. About 2:45 am wifey comes and wakes me to give me an opportunity to get ready. K came over to take care of Miss E and we headed down to the hospital and found out wifey was dialated to 5. They put us in a room and the wait started. Wifey said she didn't want en epidural but I asked her again to make sure and she changed her mind saying something like "of course I want an epidural, I don't know what I was thinking." Thanksfully her pain subsided substancially afterward.

After waiting for some time without too much progression, we decided to have the Dr. break wifey's water. A short time after that, it was go time. Wifey bore down and started pushing. At first she was having a rough time and was pushing more in her face but the nurse helped her and brought a mirror so she could see the baby's head. Once wifey actually saw the head, it was like she got a sudden burst of energy and things started happening fast. Bonesteele's head started to come out quicker than the nurse anticipated and the nurse said, "stop pushing I need to get the doctor". Wifey's reply, "I can't stop. I am going to push" to which I pleaded "Please don't push the baby will come out". Wifey then said, "you can catch him"

About that time the dr. enters but still has to glove up and prepare so he said to think about something else and someone mentioned being on a beach. Wifey starts monlouging(spelling?) aobut being on a beach and then starts talking about having waffles for breakfast. Now the dr is ready and the baby's head came out on the next big push. Wifey relaxed after that and the baby got stuck for a few seconds so they called lots of help into the room. Wifey got her bearings and then pushed the baby the rest of the way out.

I saw the head come out and it looked huge and purple. The rest of Bonesteele came out and then the doc put him on wifey's belly. I got to cut the cord and we heard him make his first cry and saw him take his first breaths. It was amazing. When baby E was born, there were some complications so they took the baby away before we could properly greet her. It was so wonderful to be with Bonesteele. Wifey cried and so did I. In fact, I am tearing up just writing about this.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Arrival of Bonesteele

Born April 18, 2008 at 11:54 am. Weighing 9 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches long.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring is here

I read in the paper that they haven't turned on the fountain at this park for a couple years because people go swimming in it when it is warm. Too bad cuz it was pretty cool and would be a nice place to relax and have a picnic if it was warmer. Miss E had a good time with all the flowers.

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